Copyright Notice on James 4

I recently discovered a borrowed copyrighted tune in my music that I accidentally missed before (James 4:10). I have paid for well over the number of copies that we have already made and distributed, so that is taken care of, but I am letting everyone know that the pre-2015 James 4 track is not in the public domain, and may not be distributed freely.

My plan is to rewrite that short section with a tune of my own and then that will be in the public domain, free to distribute. I am very sorry to have made this error, and I apologize for the inconvenience that this causes. Please pass this on to anyone who may need to know. Thank you!

– Tirzah Joy

2 comments on “Copyright Notice on James 4
  1. Hi Tirzah Joy, thanks be unto God for this ministry that you have done, may the Lord Jesus Christ and the King James Bible may continually be magnified. Is it okay if I downloaded all your recording because it is downloadable and this is very useful to minister my wife and my children. By the way I am a member of In Christ Baptist Church, here in Barangay Central Signal, Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

    1. Hi Randy! Amen, God is gracious to give us the ability to do things like this.
      Yes, please download the music as much as you want, and you are free to do anything at all with it. May God bless you and your wife and children! : )

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