Give Me A Sign Song

Singing with accompaniment

Track number:2
Album:My Offering
By:Sing the KJV
Bitrate:320 kbps


Give Me a Sign

Give me a sign of your goodness. Give me a word from above.
Convince me, Lord, of your kindness. Quiet my heart with your love.
Test me and try me, and search me and know me, sweet Jesus, speak peace to my soul.
Comfort me, purify, heal me and edify, only your love makes me whole.
I’m just a broken woman so you’ll understand if I
plead and moan and beg for mercy, cling to you and cry.
My circumstances are not good and so you’ll understand
if I come and bare my heart and grasp onto your hand.
(A married woman, but unloved) and so you see my plight
as I beg for your sweet comfort through the day and night.
I have two sons, two precious sons I long to raise for you.
Yet, I am weary, burdened, only you can get me through.

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