If Thou But Suffer God to Guide Thee


Choral arrangement for treble voices

Bitrate:320 kbps
Track Number:14
Track Album:My Offering
By:Greg Neumark
If Thou But Suffer God to Guide (George Numark)

If thou but suffer God to guide thee, and hope in him through all thy ways,
He’ll give thee strength whate’er betide thee, and bear thee through the evil days.
Who trusts in God’s unchanging love builds on a rock that naught can move.
Only be still and wait his leisure in cheerful hope with heart content
To take whate’er thy Father’s pleasure and all-deserving love hath sent,
Nor doubt our inmost wants are known to him who chose us for his own.
He knows the time for joy, and truly will send it when he sees it meet,
When he has tried and purged thee throughly and finds thee free from all deceit,
He comes to thee all unaware and makes thee own his loving care.
Sing, pray, and keep his ways unswerving, so do thine own part faithfully,
And trust his word, though undiscerning, thou yet shall find it true for thee;
God never yet forsook at need the soul that trusted him indeed.

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