My Confidence

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Track Number:12
Track Album:My Offering
By:Sing the KJV
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My Confidence. T.R.U.S.T.

Trust the Lord. Hope, O my soul, in his word.
“T” is for tenderness; trust him for his tenderness.
“R” is righteousness: righteous are his ways.
“U” for understanding, O how limitless!
“S” he sees you, the sovereign Lord sees.
And do not fear, and do not strive. Rest (wait) for he is in control, his “T”iming is perfect.
All I want, and all I need, Lord, you are to me.
On your word I daily feed, until your face I see.
All I hope for in this life, my praise in the next.
Your peace quenches mortal strife; I need not be vexed.
Oh my love, come away, to a land of brighter day.

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