New CD volumes and chapters

Hello friends!
We are excited to tell you that draft CDs for scripture song volumes 4-10 are available, and you can view their contents on the CD page. We are happy to share these freely with those who would enjoy them. Just send an email telling us which ones you’d like, how many of each, and your mailing address.
New additions on the scripture song page are Genesis 21-23, Matthew 28, John 1-3, and the book of Haggai! Sheet music for these chapters is available under "Song info" (piano score with chord symbols). Also, we added a 15-minute sleep timer toggle to the website by the media player (you may need to turn device sideways if on mobile).
I would be grateful for your prayers as I continue to write music for Genesis and John.
We bless you in the name of the Lord : )
[email protected]

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