Spiritual Songs

Original songs by Sing the KJV and hymns.

1 The H PrayerMy Offering3:127.34 mb
2 Give Me A SignMy Offering3:067.09 mb
3 Lord, Make Me BeautifulMy Offering2:365.95 mb
4 Too Wonderful For MeMy Offering3:569.02 mb
5 My PurposeMy Offering3:388.34 mb
6 My ConsecrationMy Offering3:408.39 mb
7 My CryMy Offering1:544.36 mb
8 My ConflictMy Offering3:016.91 mb
9 My ConditionMy Offering1:363.66 mb
10 (Not) My ConcernMy Offering3:508.77 mb
11 My ChangeMy Offering1:454.02 mb
12 My ConfidenceMy Offering3:137.36 mb
13 My Heart Has FaithMy Offering1:071.02 mb
14 If Thou But Suffer God to Guide TheeMy Offering2:195.30 mb
15 Nearer, My God, To TheeMy Offering3:006.88 mb
16 Nearer, Still NearerMy Offering3:373.32 mb
17 Hymn FavoritesMy Offering7:437.07 mb
18 Am I A SoldierMy Offering1:223.13 mb
19 My God, I Thank TheeMy Offering2:125.03 mb
20 Thy Way And All Thy SorrowsMy Offering1:051,020.17 kb
21 My Petition MedleyMy Offering6:4115.31 mb
22 On Christ The Solid Rock I StandMy Offering4:2610.14 mb
23 The Israelites Children's MedleyMy Offering4:3310.41 mb
5 comments on “Spiritual Songs
  1. My name is Jim Flake. I love your Scripture songs. I am learning many of them. I wonder if anyone in charge of the Jails or Prisons have allowed your scripture songs to be sent to any of the inmates? That would be such a blessing to some of them. If anyone knows the answer to this question I would like to know the answer. Thanks Jim

  2. Hello my name is Rudy. How are u? Hope u are well. I love your music. So far I’m entranced by your rendition of psalm 4. It makes me feel safe. So far I can’t say that……. Well I love your work. I’m very grateful God has given such good ideas. I’m trying so hard to memorize scripture. I do have a micro cassette recorder and I record the word over and over. I have started singing my cadence out of the psalms. I’m not sure if I can really carry a tune and I am a veteran so could always argue that I’m singing the Psalms into cadence. 😇 Thank you mam.

  3. Iam lifted spiritually by all these refrains. However, it’s been difficult gettingthe score sheet to download

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