Spiritual Songs

Original songs by Sing the KJV and hymns.

1 The H PrayerMy Offering3:127.34 mb
2 Give Me A SignMy Offering3:067.09 mb
3 Lord, Make Me BeautifulMy Offering2:365.95 mb
4 Too Wonderful For MeMy Offering3:569.02 mb
5 My PurposeMy Offering3:388.34 mb
6 My ConsecrationMy Offering3:408.39 mb
7 My CryMy Offering1:544.36 mb
8 My ConflictMy Offering3:016.91 mb
9 My ConditionMy Offering1:363.66 mb
10 (Not) My ConcernMy Offering3:508.77 mb
11 My ChangeMy Offering1:454.02 mb
12 My ConfidenceMy Offering3:137.36 mb
13 My Heart Has FaithMy Offering1:071.02 mb
14 If Thou But Suffer God to Guide TheeMy Offering2:195.30 mb
15 Nearer, My God, To TheeMy Offering3:006.88 mb
16 Nearer, Still NearerMy Offering3:373.32 mb
17 Hymn FavoritesMy Offering7:437.07 mb
18 Am I A SoldierMy Offering1:223.13 mb
19 My God, I Thank TheeMy Offering2:125.03 mb
20 Thy Way And All Thy SorrowsMy Offering1:051,020.17 kb
21 My Petition MedleyMy Offering6:4115.31 mb
22 On Christ The Solid Rock I StandMy Offering4:2610.14 mb
23 The Israelites Children's MedleyMy Offering4:3310.41 mb
10 comments on “Spiritual Songs
  1. Hello. I especially appreciate the New Testament music. Have you ever heard of Suzanne Haïk-Vantoura? She was instrumental in helping us get the temple melody written in the preserved Hebrew text underlying the AKJV spread among a smattering of Bible music enthusiasts such as myself.

  2. I can’t reply to my previous post for some reason so I’m just doing a new one. What I was referring to is that in the Spiritual Songs folder are songs sheets like Fellowship, In Returning and Rest, etc. Are these draft recordings then? I was able to find all the sheets I needed. I think my issue was being in the sheet music folder instead of the spiritual songs folder. Thank you for your help!

  3. I was wondering about some of these scriptural songs – there are more in the google drive folder than there are listed here, and there is some disconnect between the folder and website. Is there a reason? I just had some trouble finding the sheet music to a couple songs, and there was sheet music to songs I had not heard. Thank you!

    1. Hi Abigail : )
      Hmm, the Google Drive folder should contain everything on the website, plus draft recordings which we haven’t yet put on the website, since they are not yet mastered, and sometimes not edited for incorrect words, etc. So you will find songs in the Drafts folder that aren’t yet on the website.
      Which songs were you having trouble finding sheet music for?

  4. My name is Jim Flake. I love your Scripture songs. I am learning many of them. I wonder if anyone in charge of the Jails or Prisons have allowed your scripture songs to be sent to any of the inmates? That would be such a blessing to some of them. If anyone knows the answer to this question I would like to know the answer. Thanks Jim

  5. Hello my name is Rudy. How are u? Hope u are well. I love your music. So far I’m entranced by your rendition of psalm 4. It makes me feel safe. So far I can’t say that……. Well I love your work. I’m very grateful God has given such good ideas. I’m trying so hard to memorize scripture. I do have a micro cassette recorder and I record the word over and over. I have started singing my cadence out of the psalms. I’m not sure if I can really carry a tune and I am a veteran so could always argue that I’m singing the Psalms into cadence. 😇 Thank you mam.

  6. Iam lifted spiritually by all these refrains. However, it’s been difficult gettingthe score sheet to download

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