Thy Way And All Thy Sorrows


Choral arrangement for treble voices

Bitrate:128 kbps
Track Number:20
Track Album:My Offering
By:Paul Gerhardt; Johann Michael Haydn; Arr. Sing the KJV
Thy Way and All Thy Sorrows (Paul Gerhardt)

Thy way and all thy sorrows, give thou into his hand.
His gracious care unfailing who doth the heavens command.
Their course and path he giveth to clouds and air and wind.
A way thy feet may follow, he too for thee will find.
Give all to his direction, in wisdom he doth reign.
Thy wonder far exceeding, his will his course maintain.
So he as him beseemeth with wonder-working skill
Shall put away the sorrows that now thy spirit fill.

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